by Tanmay K. Mohapatra (@tanmaykm) on Friday, 18 September 2015

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Status: Confirmed & Scheduled
Crisp talk

Technical level


Introduce the big data infrastructure in Julia. It can be used to read/write HDFS files and run parallel Julia programs on a Yarn cluster.


This talk will use Elly.jl to demonstrate a big data workflow in Julia. Elly is a Hadoop HDFS and Yarn client. It is a pure Julia implementation with no dependencies on libhdfs. It provides:

  • A familiar Julia ClusterManager interface, making it possible to use the familiar Julia parallel constructs on a Yarn cluster: addprocs, @parallel, spawn, pmap, etc.
  • Lower level APIs to write native Yarn applications.
  • A familiar Julia IO API for accessing HDFS files.

We shall use Elly and a few associated Julia packages to process a few example datasets.

Speaker bio

Tanmay K.M., Julia contributor.